Third Generation Ost – USA aims to open up new perspectives and approaches on research topics focused on the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Based on the German network Dritte Generation Ost our focus will be on the discussion and distribution of academic and non-academic work. We want to propose the reconsideration of concepts such as (n)ostalgia, totalitarian regime, “real existing socialism“ and the definition of solidarity in regards to the GDR. In that context, we want to encourage and support scholarship to look at different aspects of the GDR such as gender, race, generational experiences, literature, film, music, and other topics. Our goal is to bring together academics, and non-academics who are interested in discourses of memory culture of the GDR. Third Generation Ost – USA provides a social and academic network that was founded by Katrin Bahr (Centre College) and Melanie Lorek (The Graduate Center, CUNY) in 2012.

We are looking for people from various backgrounds and disciplines to enrich, deepen, and reflect upon the exchange of works and projects concerned with the German Democratic Republic.